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Filing for unemployment

March 26. Over the last 10 days, North Carolina has received more 150,000 unemployment claims and the number of new claims continues to soar. Most states offer up to 26 weeks of unemployment insurance but North Carolina caps it at 12 weeks.

The county stay-at-home order is a mandate, which means violators could be convicted of Class II misdemeanor. Many non-exempt businesses are shutting down or drastically limiting operations.

If you need to file a claim, to to des.nc.gov or call 888-737-0259. Apply online if possible, and the process may take a half hour. Getting through on the phone is problematic, given the volume.

The earliest you will receive benefits is two weeks.

North Carolina’s average payment is $277/week. The average North Carolinian on unemployment gets just under $2,300, spread out over two months.

The FAQ for filing for unemployment benefits is here.


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