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Eyewitness account of funnel cloud off Spinnaker’s Reach

Funnel cloud June 19 | Photo: Fred Pennekamp

June 20. Here’s what Cornelius resident Fred Pennekamp says about the funnel cloud which appeared between Bustle and Spinnaker’s Reach at about 5:10 pm yesterday.

“The storm was coming from west to east down the Spinnakers Reach Drive Cove. By the time I got out on our deck the first finger came down from the cloud at 5:09 pm.

The funnel cloud was very tight. It was only 1/2 mile away but I felt no wind or rain. It moved very slowly towards me going east down the cove.

The movie I took showed intense rain and the water being disturbed right below it but I’m not sure if it ever actually touched the lake. The video was at 5:11 pm.

The second video also at 5:11 pm. showed the funnel completely gone but that is also when it began to pour down rain. So it was very small, very short in duration but it certainly got the attention of all the weather services. As far as I know, it caused no damage. Hopefully it was a once in a lifetime experience.”

—Pennekamp was on the USA rowing team in 1970 and 1971, and went to two world championships and the Pan American games. Fred and his wife Cynthia built their house on Spinnaker’s Reach in 1995-96.