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Eyes on Jetton: New cameras help deter crime

Bob Watson, at Captains Watch and Jetton, with new camera (circled)

Sept. 12. By Dave Yochum. If you’ve noticed new cameras on traffic signs on Jetton, you can thank Peninsula resident Bob Watson. He wants to make the Jetton Road area the safest in the state.

He solicited friends and neighbors for the money to purchase the cameras, valued at $2,160 each. He’s raised more than $5,830 so far.

The solar-powered cameras are all about preventing crime, not speeding, and they’re monitored at the Cornelius Police Dept.

Camera at Jetton and John Connor

Crime down

There already were two cameras monitoring comings and goings in the median outside Jetton Park, among dozens throughout the town.

Watson says crime up and down the Jetton peninsula fell 93 percent, including incidents in Jetton Park.

New cameras are up at Jetton and Captains Watch as well as Jetton and John Connor. A fifth is planned for Jetton and Harbor Light, Watson says.

How it works

The cameras aren’t monitored per se. After a crime occurs the video can be reviewed for suspicious activity. Known license plates can also trip the system, resulting in active monitoring and a police response.

From Police Chief Baucom

Cornelius Police Chief David R. Baucom

“The new cameras on Jetton will help provide the police department with more information about a vehicle’s movements within the area if a crime occurs. Their locations will make it easier to determine specific streets or areas we need to focus our investigative efforts on and hopefully they will also act as a deterrent and help prevent crimes in the area if suspects are aware there are cameras. Signs will be added in the near future. This was a great partnership with the Peninsula Property Owners Association and the residents who donated towards the initial costs to add another layer of safety within the area.”

—Chief David Baucom