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Everybody counts: Homeless census takes place Thursday


Jan. 23. it can be hard to comprehend the number of homeless people here in light of the apparent prosperity around us, especially in North Mecklenburg.

The 2024 Department of Housing Urban Development Point-in-Time (PIT) count on Jan. 25 will span out across Mecklenburg County streets, shelters and encampments to identify individuals who are living without homes.

In the early morning hours this Thursday, volunteers will span out across Charlotte-Mecklenburg streets, parking lots, encampments, and other locations to survey people who are living without shelter.

If you’re aware of a spot where people may be living unsheltered, they are encouraged to submit that location here.


The annual Point-in-Time Count is conducted across the United States on a single night in January every year, providing a snapshot of homelessness.

The key objectives of the PIT Count are  not just to estimate the number of people experiencing homelessness but to understand their demographic characteristics and help connect them to resources.

Mecklenburg County Community Support Services and the Hearts for the Invisible Charlotte coalition have partnered to lead the 2024 Point-in-Time Count.

Residents can help by offering time, donating items, and raising awareness.

Want to help? Mecklenburg County residents can donate items to help people sleeping outside until housing is secured. Access the wishlist here.

During last year’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg Point-in-Time Count, 1,916 people were counted, including 171 families, 106 youth, and 288 people sleeping outside. Homelessness has risen 35 percent since 2020.