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Events: April 1 to April 7

Arrivederci height restrictions, hello parachute tests

Ribbon cutting

The ribbon cutting for the new parachute testing facility on Jetton Road is up in the air due to newly relaxed height restrictions. It will be rescheduled when structural engineers determine how tall it can be.

Arbor Day ceremony

Tree control in action

The town of Cornelius will hold Arbor Day services in Davidson April 3. In lieu of the saplings that were traditionally given to children during previous Arbor Day observances, the town will provide pictures of trees.

Habitats gone

Registration for the wild animal shoot in May is free. With clear-cutting well under way, additional shoots are planned in July and September.

Funeral Innovation Lab mixer

The Funeral Innovation Lab’s spring mixer/networking event will be on the patio of the asphalt plant next door April 6.

Church Ladies meeting

Betty Cornelius

Betty Cornelius will discuss “Breaking the Mold with Jello Salads” at The Interfaith Church Ladies Council April 7 meeting. Refreshments will be served. Next month: Lutefisk


2 Responses to “Events: April 1 to April 7”

  1. How can anyone possibly respond to this Cornelius Today posting? None of it is relevant to anything that’s really important in this town!
    Just more lips moving and nothing of any importance being said by those making decisions.

    Posted by Dumbfounded | April 1, 2024, 10:42 pm

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