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EnergyUnited Foundation gives $10,000 to Smithville Community Coalition

Front row: Dawn Kakitsis, Laquisha Parks, Lisa Mayhew. Back row: Joey Podhajsky, Rafford Miller

Feb. 14. EnergyUnited officials visited the Smithville neighborhood yesterday after donating $10,000 to the Smithville CommUNITY Coalition for critical safety repairs in the historic African American community.

In 2023 the EnergyUnited Foundation donated a total of $900,000 in grants to individuals, families and nonprofits.

This grant funding will be used for critical home repairs outside of the scope of work provided by Habitat for Humanity.


—”We want to thank the EnergyUnited Foundation because we share the motto ‘safety first’ as a common goal. The SCC wants Smithville residents to age safely in place and to improve their quality of life. A grant such as this allows us to do that,” said Lisa Mayhew-Jones, project manager-residential services for SCC.

—”We’re honored to be in the Smithville community today,” said LaQuisha Parks, vice president, energy services and corporate communications. “Partnering together, we can continue to improve our communities.”