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Eat This Up! New brews at a D8 in the future at D9 Brewing

D9 Brewing Co. has a couple of new brews: Defying Gravity (4th Edition) Lagrangrian One Gate. This 14 percent sour ale mixes black raspberries with a special 10-spice blend. Langrangrian is when gravitational pull is equal among multiple rotating planets, stars and moons. Yes, we had to look this up.

Discord is a sweet, “brazenly sour” Concord grape ale. D9 will also release five or six special small batches for their Valentine’s party Feb.10.

Asian restaurant planned on

The former Harvey’s restaurant building on Liverpool has sold for $1.025 million. The brick building, which has plenty of parking, was once the home of one of the original local breweries—the old Lake Norman Brewing Co. The property last transacted near the height of the real estate market in 2006 at $1.664 million. Harvey’s has since reopened in Jetton Village across the parking lot from Alton’s Kitchen & Cocktails.​ The real estate people involved say an Asian restaurant is coming. DATT LLC just bought the property.

Hello Sign

Yes, most of us know Hello Sailor is in the old Rusty Rudder pace, about a half mile down Henderson from West Catawba. Of course, the Kindreds knew that for people not familiar with the location, a sign on Catawba was a must. That’s why they sought—and eventually received—a variance in November from the Cornelius Planning Board. They wanted a 31.1 square-foot, off-premises sign at the intersection of West Catawba Ave and Henderson. The new eatery opened in December. It’s almost February. Hello? Where’s the sign?

Hello Sailor’s PR company responded: “The off-premise sign is scheduled to go up on Feb. 1,” said Ashley Miller of Wagstaff Worldwide, a PR firm devoted to communicating the nuances of the travel and hospitality industries. No explanation as to why it took almost three months to erect the sign, however.

Updike opening Table 31 in February

Al Updike, the owner of Alton’s Kitchen & Cocktails in Jetton Cove, says his new restaurant—his first expansion—will open the first week in February.

It’s called Table 31 and it’s located in LangTree Lake Norman, at, you guessed it Exit 31 on I-77.

Red Rocks Cafe expects to reopen

It’s been closed for more than five months due to a kitchen fire. They’re saying this month.


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