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Early voting results are in

Nov. 3. The results of early voting are in. The top five vote-getters in Cornelius are: Woody Washam, Jim Duke, Thurman Ross, Dave Gilroy, Mike Miltich and Denis Bilodeau. However, early voting can be quite misleading. Chuck Travis, of course, is running unopposed. He had 528 votes cast for him.

In Huntersville, John Aneralla was ahead of Jill Swain in the mayoral race, 731 to 550.

At 8 pm, the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections was reporting these early voting results:


Woody Washam, Jr., 552 votes/20.7 percent
Jim Duke, 450 votes/16.87 percent
Thurman Ross, 444 votes/16.65 percent
Dave Gilroy, 416/15.60 percent
Michael (Mike) Miltich, 396/14.85 percent
Denis P. Bilodeau, 339/12.71 percent
J.R. Mount (withdrawn), 58/2.17 percent


Danny Phillips, 684/11.56 percent;
Mark Gibbons 635,10.74 percent
Rob Kidwell, 587/9.92 percent;
Dan Boone 563/9.52 percent
Melinda Bales 552/9.33 percent
Sarah R. McAulay 495/8.37 percent
Charles S. Guignard 473/8.00 percent
Jeff Neely 431/7.29 percent
Nick Walsh 388/6.56 percent
Phil Carey 367/6.20 percent
Sharon Eskridge 354/5.98 percent
Leonard Richardson III 232/3.92 percent
Toni Primiano 140/2.37 percent