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Dips in the road: More traffic when Phase Two gets under way

May 19. With Phase Two reopening right around the corner, so, too, will be speeding cars and distracted drivers.

Any number of Cornelius roadways have been safer for kids and adults during Gov. Cooper’s stay-at-home order.

Rendering of Jetton Road with bike lanes

David Rogers, founder of OurBikeGuide.com​, says cyclists need to play a part in safe roadways and sidewalks when life gets back to normal:

Moderate your speed. Pedestrians, especially the elderly, can feel spooked by fast cyclists. Children may behave unpredictably and dash in front of you

Try not to surprise people. A friendly ‘hello’ or the ring of a bell warns pedestrians of your approach. Anger is a common reaction to shock

Smile: A ‘thank you’ costs nothing

Give way: To pedestrians on shared paths

Make sure: You have a proper helmet

Be visible: Invest in a set of front and rear lights.

Keep in mind, if you’re out in the road, you have the same rights and responsibilities as the driver of a motor vehicle. Watch out. Traffic will be back to normal before you know it.