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Digging culture: Performance tonight, community luncheon Sept. 14


Aug. 15. Beginning this month, Cornelius and the rest of North Meck will have greater access to free, year-round arts, science and history experiences close to home, thanks to the Arts & Science Council’s “Culture Blocks” program.

Unplugged+Live, an acoustic concert series, is Thursday, Aug. 15 at Brick Row, 19725 Oak St. in downtown Cornelius. The performance tonight features Nathan Storey + Adayla Turner.

There will be more performances Aug. 29 (Ke’ Andra + Sheria Rashawn) and in September on the 12th and 26th. Doors open at 7 pm, the show starts at 7:10. Drinks and refreshments are available for purchase.

Culture Blocks digs into local opinions on the arts and culture with a free Community Meal and Gathering on Saturday, Sept. 14 at the Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson.

The lunchtime event will provide an opportunity to share input about the type of arts and cultural experiences we want to see in the area.

Mecklenburg County commissioners last month voted to place a sales tax referendum on the November ballot. If approved, the sales tax would rise from 7.25% to 7.5%. You’d pay $10.75 for a $10 item.

The tax would raise about $50 million each year. Almost $23 million would support arts and cultural groups across the county; $17 million would go to county-operated parks and greenways; $8 million to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools teachers; and $2.5 million to arts and culture projects and parks in small towns like Cornelis.

Culture Blocks engages local creative individuals and organizations to provide relevant cultural experiences to communities with low levels of participation with ASC-funded programs and organizations.

“We are excited to hear from North Mecklenburg residents and learn the types of arts and cultural activities they want in their community and to effectively respond with high-quality experiences,” said Eboni Lewis, Culture Blocks program director.

Arts and cultural experiences take place near where residents live, such as libraries, parks, recreation centers and other relevant community spaces, increasing access and reducing transportation barriers.

Programming for each geographic area is based on feedback from the residents living in the area and can range from dance and photography classes to visual art, theater and pottery workshops and jazz concerts.

Funded by Mecklenburg County, Culture Blocks is a community partnership with Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation that provides cultural programming in 10 geographical blocks of Mecklenburg County.

ASC seeks to ensure all residents and visitors have access to a vibrant cultural community.