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Delinquent tax ad will be published in the Observer Sunday

March 30. Be forewarned: The Mecklenburg County public information office says 42,000 property owners who have delinquent 2022 real and personal property tax bills will have their names—and the amount they owe—published in the Charlotte Observer this coming Sunday.


—Delinquent taxpayers can have their North Carolina income tax refund and/or lottery winnings seized to pay their property taxes. The ad, which can run several pages, is required by state law,

—The 2022 bills do not reflect the new property valuations which were released March 17.

What to do

Visit MeckNC.gov/taxes and click on Property Tax System to determine the current amount due for any delinquent real estate or personal tax bill. Log on to MeckNC.gov/paytax and use a credit card, debit card or e-check.

The Tax Collector can foreclose on real property to satisfy unpaid taxes. Properties identified as eligible for foreclosure can be found here.