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Davidson police chief to host virtual “No Agenda” meeting

Sept. 11. Davidson Police Chief Penny Dunn will host a virtual “no agenda” meeting on Monday, September 14 at 6:30 pm.

The opportunity to engage with the Davidson Police Department typically happens throughout the year at various events such as Town Day, Custard with a Cop and National Night Out.

Davidson Police Chief Penny Dunn

 Due to COVID-19 restrictions, none of these in-person events occurred this year.

Dunn hopes the September 14 meeting, even though virtual, will provide an opportunity to hear from the community and get the feedback necessary to improve relationships and performance.

“Public input and feedback are important to make sure we are addressing residents’ concerns and also give the public a voice for building understanding between their communities and the police serving them,” Dunn said.

In 2019, the Davidson Police Department provided an opportunity for residents to give feedback on how the department was doing.  What is the department doing well?  How can it do better? What impacts you as a resident?

For 2020, the department would like to discuss its policies on the use of force and the demographic breakdown of police interaction in Davidson.

Interested residents can participate by:

The department will provide a real-time Spanish-language interpreter for this meeting.