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Davidson hires first housing and equity director

Oct. 28. Davidson has hired Eugene L. Bradley as the town’s first Housing and Equity director to lead the town’s affordable housing and racial equity programs. 

Eugene Bradley. Courtesy of Charlotte Airport

This role will be responsible for developing and implementing affordable housing strategies as well as a racial equity action plan. In addition to developing overall strategies for affordable housing and racial equity, Eugene will be responsible for working with and providing information to individuals who wish to rent or purchase affordable homes, organizations that support affordable housing, and developers who build affordable housing.

Bradley most recently served as Charlotte’s Aviation Department community affairs manager where he was responsible for increasing CLT Airport’s presence and partnerships with the surrounding businesses, neighborhoods and community organizations. Bradley has over 16 years of public sector planning and implementation experience in the fields of neighborhood revitalization, community development, “placemaking” and land use planning. Since 2008, Eugene has worked with the City of Charlotte – including 12 years with the Charlotte Department of Housing & Neighborhood Services as a Community Engagement Manager with a focus on community engagement, housing and plan implementation.  

Bradley began his role on Monday, Oct. 26.