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Davidson gets $3M in county ARPA funding

Jan. 30. The Town of Davidson announced  the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners approved funding for two  town projects with money allocated from the American Rescue Plan Act.

Across the county, 75 projected were funded,

The funding for Davidson is $1 million to support the revised Comprehensive Housing Affordability Program and $2 million to support the renovation of the Baccalaureate School Gymnasium behind the new Town Hall and Community Center at 251 South St.

Affordable Housing and Homelessness

Mecklenburg County is funding $1 million in support of the Comprehensive Housing Affordability Program (CHAP) in Davidson.

CHAP brings together the Town of Davidson, Habitat for Humanity,  Community Foundation of Davidson, Davidson Housing Coalition and the Brenda Tapia Foundation to support critical home repair and rental subsidies in town.

This funding will enable the program to cover the costs of repairs and rental subsidies.

Parks, environment and infrastructure

Mecklenburg County will fund $2 million in support of the Baccalaureate School Gymnasium, a 1937 historic landmark located behind the new Town Hall & Community Center.

The dollars will fund the repair of the failing structure and renovate the inside of the building to be used as a multi-purpose facility for the whole community. The facility will be the town’s first public indoor active space that can also be used for youth/senior activities and special events.

The renovation of the gym was not a part of the original scope of the work at the site at 251 South St. Its repair and restoration were in the long-term plans for the site, but this funding allows the project to move forward at a quicker pace.