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Davidson asks county for conservation easement

The Town of Davidson is seeking protection of Abersham Park so It cannot be developed. Photo Davidson Lands Conservancy

Dec. 27. The Davidson commissioners earlier this month approved a resolution to request Mecklenburg County to place a permanent conservation easement on Abersham Park.

Abersham Park is owned by Mecklenburg County and is adjacent to the 200-acre Fisher Farm Park, which is owned by the town and protected by a permanent conservation easement held by Mecklenburg County and monitored and stewarded by Davidson Lands Conservancy.

The resolution also asks the county to have the Davidson Lands Conservancy to hold, manage and steward the easement for Abersham Park

The 345-acre park was originally approved for residential development until the purchase by Mecklenburg County in 2010. In 2015, Mecklenburg County leased the park to the Town of Davidson for 85 years. The land is currently not protected from future development by a conservation easement.

The board unanimously approved the resolution to seek that protection.