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Danger on Jetton: Don’t make a left from Old Jetton

May 29. By Dave Vieser. More than a dozen motorists have been given citations recently for turning left out of Old Jetton onto Jetton toward the light at West Catawba. Police expect to step up enforcement over the the next several weeks.

The intersection, one of the most dangerous in Cornelius, was supposed to be modified with a “porkchop” median island that would have physically prevented left-hand turns from Old Jetton onto Jetton toward Catawba. Right now, only signs exists, which many have ignored.

But legal action brought by Harris Teeter has apparently gotten in the way. Town officials won’t comment, but off the record they have confirmed Harris Teeter has filed its opposition to the plan.


“The intersection is poorly designed and about as dangerous as it gets,” said Commissioner Jim DukeĀ  “with two lanes of traffic on both sides, precious little line-of-sight, and heavy speeding traffic.”

Although the town board decided to only restrict left turns from Old Jetton onto Jetton, Duke would like to see the restrictions expanded.

“In my opinion, the Town needs to prohibit left turns on both sides [Harris Teeter and CVS] thus eliminating all crossover traffic,” he said.

You can reach W. Catawba by turning left on Old Jetton