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COVID update March 10: Not quite an endemic, but Mayo doc says we’re close

March 10. The volume of new COVID cases fell to 1,783 today after climbing for two days.

Two years after the global pandemic began, rates of infection, hospitalization and deaths are tumbling, but a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases specialist says it’s still too early to call the pandemic over.


Are we in the endemic phase where the disease is manageably present but in the background? “Determining where we cross into that threshold is a question that epidemiologists and others will have to answer in coming weeks,” the Mayo Clinic’s Dr. John O’Horo said.

Today’s volume of new cases is one-twentieth of the increase reported by the NCDHHS on Jan. 14.


COVID-related hospitalizations fell to 1,012 today from 1,093 statewide yesterday.


The NCDHHS also reported reported 28 new deaths statewide due to the coronavirus. Total Mecklenburg County deaths stand at 1,550—no new deaths for five days.


The statewide positivity rate fell to 3 percent, down from 3.9 percent yesterday. The Mecklenburg 14-day trailing average fell to 4.9 percent—.down from 31.5 percent precisely two months ago.

Mecklenburg (change from Wednesday)

There were 109 new COVID cases reported countywide.

North Mecklenburg (change from Tuesday)

• Cornelius: 5 new cases, 6,715 cumulative total, 35 deaths cumulative total.

• Davidson: 4 new cases, 4,071 cumulative total, 21 deaths cumulative total.

• Huntersville: 4 new cases, 15,189 cumulative total, 89 deaths cumulative total.

More from Dr. O’Horo

“In an endemic phase, we’re really looking at that local transmission level and that local background activity. Public health authorities will continue to monitor that, and it’s just something that the rest of us are going to have to keep an eye on. What are they recommending based on that local spread? And know that just because it’s safe to take off masks three counties over in one setting doesn’t mean it’s safe to do the same in this county in a more vulnerable setting.”