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COVID update: Hospitalizations fall statewide, but 3 new deaths in Huntersville

Feb.3. The NC Dept. of Health & Human Services said today that COVID-related hospitalizations have fallen for the fifth reporting day in a row, falling to 4,556 in today’s coronavirus update. Today’s total is down 11.67 percent from the omicron peak one week ago.


The NCDHHS reported 123 new COVID-related deaths today, three of them in Huntersville.

New cases

There were 14,966 new cases statewide in today’s report.

On this date one year ago

2,706 hospitalized statewide; 168 new deaths

Positivity rate

The statewide COVID positivity rate is 22.2 percent.

—In Mecklenburg, the 14-day trailing average was 29.3 percent, the fifth day of decline, but still far-removed from the goal of 5 percent or lower


There were 1,079 new COVID cases countywide.

North Mecklenburg (change from Wednesday)

• Cornelius: 40 new cases, 6,346 cumulative total, 33 deaths cumulative total.

• Davidson: 16 new cases, 3,837 cumulative total, 20 deaths cumulative total.

• Huntersville: 73 new cases, 14,449 cumulative total, 85 deaths cumulative total.

The NCDHHS does not provide detailed data on deaths