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COVID Q&A with Dr. Mike Miltich: It will get worse

April 3. By Dave Yochum. As new cases of COVID-19 continue to increase quickly, Dr. Michael Miltich said we should prepare our households for 3-4 weeks of isolation.

The fact that not everyone started distancing as requested will not be helpful, The Town of Cornelius Commissioner said in an exclusive interview this afternoon with Cornelius Today.


There were nearly 600 cases of COVID-19 in Mecklenburg County as of 2:30 pm April 3. Every Zip Code in Mecklenburg County is now affected, including Davidson. Meanwhile Atrium and Novant hope to erect a 3,000-bed field hospital to meet the rising demand for COVID-19 care.

Dr. Miltich, whose wife Ann is a nurse, said the situation is much more serious than many people think. He said COVID-19 is spreading like nothing we have ever seen.

“I advise having everything you’ll need for your household for 3-4 weeks and keep that inventory until use is necessary,” Dr. Miltich said.

Social distancing and frequent hand-washing are critical, he said. Cornelius, like many other towns, was the scene of multiple St. Patrick’s Day parties the town was unable to stop. Miltich called them unfortunate.

There have been at least 50,000 worldwide deaths so far; Italy is said to have had 13,000 COVID-related deaths. We are following in their footsteps, Dr. Miltich said.

Should the whole country be under a stay at home right now?

Miltich: As much as possible, yes! The more we all do so, and the sooner, the greater effect. I started isolating way before the order was given.

Are face-masks for the wearer (to prevent intake) or for those people around you? Any benefit for the wearer if this thing can be aerosol-driven?

Miltich: Wearing a mask won’t hurt, but I’m not sure how protective or necessary if you practice physical distancing. If I had to be close to others, then I would wear one, preferably an enclosing mask such as an N95 type. A simple mask does reduce the distance of your sneeze/cough travels thus protecting others. The biggest way to protect yourself is to be mindful of what you touch when outside your home, do not touch your face, and good hand washing upon returning home. Some even suggest leaving your shoes at the door. If exposed to a cough/sneeze, clean your clothes upon returning home.

What do you see in our infection rates vis a vis China, or Italy? Where are we on the curve?

Miltich: We are, unfortunately, following in their footsteps and are just at the beginning of the up-tick. We are approximately 2-3 weeks behind Italy.

How difficult will the next 2-3 weeks be? Are we (CLT/NC) on the same trajectory as New York?

Miltich: Things are going to get very serious here starting in 1 week and then lasting about a month. We have much less denser housing/work than NYC, and that will help us. The fact that not everyone started distancing as requested will not be helpful. I advise having everything you’ll need for your household for 3-4 weeks and keep that inventory until use is necessary.

What are your thoughts right now on chloroquine?

Miltich: The anecdotal experiences are optimistic. If it works, it will be a game changer. Not a cure, but it will be a pressure reliever for the hospitals, and more lives saved.

How are you and the family? How many kids at home right now?

Miltich: We’re good. We have 1 college son here. He travelled to Cancun for Spring Break. He and belongings were disinfected coming in the door. He remains without symptoms for 3 weeks post travel.



2 Responses to “COVID Q&A with Dr. Mike Miltich: It will get worse”

  1. It’s disheartening to drive by and see the parking lot at Lowes and Home Depot full. Can’t the mgrs limit the number of people who go in at one time in order to keep the effective safe distance.

    Posted by Wendi Aaron | April 4, 2020, 8:18 am
  2. Good advice from someone who knows something. Everyone take care so all can stay good.

    Posted by Tony Miltich | April 4, 2020, 8:40 am

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