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Counting trees

Jan. 26. The Town of Davidson has begun an inventory of street trees in the St. Alban’s and McConnell neighborhoods as well as Concord Road toward River Run. The two-week project is expected to improve the maintenance and management of the town’s tree canopy.

“One of our core values states that our ‘citizens must live in a healthy environment, so town government will protect watersheds, trees, air quality, and other elements of the town’s ecology, so we’re pleased to focus on our tree canopy with this project,” said Public Works Manager Jesse Bouk.

The Town received a grant in the amount of $9,915.63 from the North Carolina Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program; the town is matching those funds with $9,915.63 for a total cost of $19,831.26 to complete the tree inventory and canopy management plan.

Bartlett Tree Experts has the contract.

Photo: Michigan State University