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Cornelius Youth Orchestra launches program for elementary-aged students

Jan. 17. Cornelius Youth Orchestras (CYO) has launched the Musical Pathways Initiative (MPI), a program designed to provide access and opportunities for elementary-aged students in the Lake Norman region to explore music by learning a musical instrument.


Local school systems often introduce band or orchestra classes in the 6th grade, leaving a gap in musical education for younger students. The Musical Pathways Initiative aims to bridge this gap for elementary students who may not have access to musical instrument-specific instruction.

In collaboration with the Cain Center for the Arts, MPI will host monthly Instrument Discovery Days. During these events, students will have the unique opportunity to try out different instruments, guided by the same professionals who captured their imaginations during the school assemblies. This hands-on experience aims to help students discover their musical preferences and interests.

Action plan

The Musical Pathways Initiative is currently booking events at local schools. If you’d like to have MPI at your school, applications are available on the CYO website. Additionally, CYO invites community members and businesses to partner with the nonprofit on this initiative and sponsor a school assembly for $500, ensuring that every child has the chance to experience the joy of making music.

To learn more about MPI and how to get involved, visit www.corneliusyouthorchestras.com.