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Cornelius Town budget may be released later than usual

April 12. By Dave Vieser. In a year when taxes are expected to increase, Cornelius officials may be releasing their proposed budget two weeks later than usual. The problem: A change in senior management at Electricities, a utility which supplies power to a portion of the town.

Town Manager Andrew Grant said Electricities’ first pass at budgeting for the new year needs work.

“I would like to present both the town and the Electricities budgets at the same time, so my proposed 2020 fiscal year budget may not be unveiled until May 20,” Grant said.

The town’s proposed budget is usually released during the first week of May, which this year would be May 6, after which the town board conducts public hearings at the next several meetings before adoption. If the proposed budget is late, that could potentially eliminate one meeting where the public could have the opportunity to comment on the proposed spending plan, and its impact on the town tax rate.

There is considerable anticipation about the proposed tax rate attached to the 2020 budget this year, due in large part to the new assessments previously released by the county.