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Cornelius Super (market) Bowl kicks off     


Feb. 1. The Cornelius version of the Super Bowl is officially under way. On Wednesday Publix opens its 49,000 square foot supermarket in Magnolia Plaza. In a mailing to all Cornelius residents, Publix proudly announced the details of their new store’s operation, including daily hours of operation, from7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Time out. That means Publix will be open to shoppers 63 fewer hours a week, than the 64,000-square-foot, 24-hour Harris Teeter located right across West Catawba in Jetton Village. (We have reached out to Publix as to why they’re not going to be open 24/7.)

Cornelius shoppers look like the real winners as competition heats up. Both Publix and Harris Teeter are well financed, successful operations, and some healthy price breaks are likely.

Harris Teeter has sent coupons giving loyal VIC customers a $10 discount on $50 or more during each of the next four weeks. That’s 20 percent off.

Publix has a coupon for $5 off on a $30 purchase. That’s a 17 percent discount.

So at the beginning of the first quarter, the score is 20-17.

Lindsey Kueffner, Executive Director of the Carolina Food Industry Council, says the supermarket competition makes sense for both residents and businesses. “The Cornelius/Lake Norman portion of the state is a very up and coming area so it’s’ a natural for supermarket growth plans.”