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Cornelius students put Panther Pride in writing


Jan. 11. By Dave Vieser. In the midst of their most successful season ever, the Carolina Panthers have attracted some enthusiastic young fans at Cornelius Elementary School where students are writing about their favorite players and why the Panthers are their favorite team. Two students (boy and girl) will be chosen from each class to have their pictures taken on Thursday with the other winners and sent to the Carolina Panthers.

The contest is the brainchild of the school’s physical education teacher Frank Smithwick. “I came up with the idea after seeing other schools post pictures of students showing their Panther Pride,” he says. “I decided to take it a step further with the writing piece.”

Smithwick says they will also shoot a video with approximately five winners talking about their favorite players thanking the Panthers for a great season, and wishing them good luck in the playoffs. Carolina will be hosting a playoff game on Sunday Jan. 17 at Bank of America Stadium.

And will the Panther players actually get to see the entries? Smithwick hopes so: “I have worked for the Panthers and BOA Stadium for 11 years so I do have some leads on who to send the entries too.”