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Cornelius resident will be new Davidson Town Clerk

Betsy Shores was a key member of the Cornelius Police Dept. team

April 6. UPDATED. The Town of Davidson is getting a new Town Clerk and the Cornelius Police Department will be losing its official spokesperson. Betsy Shores, a resident of Blue Stone Harbor, will replace Carmen Clemsic as Davidson Town Clerk who will move to Recreation Program Manager in the Davidson Parks & Recreation Dept.

The Town Clerk position reports directly to the Town Manager; the appointment is not voted on by the Town Board.

​A Buffalo native,​ Shores joined ​CPD​ in 2010​. It’s one of those jobs where you ​work when the​​re’s news​, not to mention m​uch​ of the rest of the time.​ Shores has been recognized by the Cornelius Police Department for her tireless service, including when she’s on vacation.​ ​Shores broke away from her vacation to help the department handle media relations​ w​hen​ there was​ a potential bomb threat near Town Hall ​last year, and more than a dozen media outlets ​descended on Cornelius,

​O​fficers ​were able to​ focus on the hours-long​ incident​ which paralyzed downtown​​, ​​and Shores was ​name​d CPD Employee of the Quarter.​ Prior to her CPD job, she worked as an event planner for restaurants in Charlotte, for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and also as an Executive Assistant at Charlotte Center City Partners.​ She is a 2002 Graduate ​of Belmont Abbey College.

Town clerk positions require a similar level of skill, meticulous attention to detail, discretion and ability to manage relationships and constituencies.

They ​keep a complete and accurate account of all proceedings, make agendas and minutes available to citizens and town staff​ and assist the town manager in his or her duties.