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Cornelius fraudster Rich Davis checks into prison in Alabama

Google image of Rich Davis’s former estate.

By Dave Yochum.  Velveeta is $2.95, Vienna sausages are $2.55 and Spam is 90 cents at the Montgomery Air Force Base Federal Prison Camp, which Richard Wyatt Davis Jr. now calls home.

Davis, 42, lived the high life in a 5,800-square-foot lakefront mansion on Belle Isle Drive.

Now he’s prisoner No. 33303-058 in Alabama. His release date is April 4, 2025.

Rich Davis

Neighbors on Belle Isle say the father of two was a good neighbor.

Davis was the Lake Norman Chamber’s Business Person of the Year winner in 2011 and written up in the Charlotte Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 feature.

He also relied on a shrewd strategy to rope in some 75 victims, defrauding them of  $9.3 million in phony investments.

Davis spoke at events for survivalists and “preppers,” cleverly targeting victim-investors who were fearful of the stock market and the banking system.

Rich Davis Mug Shot

Davis preyed on fears of traditional financial markets and took advantage of people who seemed to to share his views about where the country is heading.

For tax years 2009 through 2012, Davis transferred more than $5 million of investor funds into bank accounts in his own name and in the names of Richard Davis Enterprises and Davis Financial Inc.

Court records show that a number of Davis’s victim investors had rolled over their entire retirement savings into his funds. His appeal was as fundamental as the need for water and assets like gold—which comes in handy when paper money is worthless.

His companies—including DCG Real Assets and H2O LLC—said investor funds would go into natural resources as well as as real estate, gold mines and water production, touting these investments as a safe alternative to the stock market.

Here’s what Davis’ LinkedIn page said: “We are creating a higher standard of purity for the water we use and drink every day, and we are holding providers accountable to that standard for the health and welfare of ourselves, our families, and our loved ones today and into the future.”

According to the indictment, Davis spent the money for “families and our loved ones” on personal items, including vacation homes, nannies and a groundskeeper.

Davis used some of these funds, as well as funds directly out of other accounts of Davis’s businesses, on personal expenditures totaling over $2 million. He filed false tax returns for 2009 and 2011, which reflected negative total income. He failed to file individual income tax returns for 2010 and 2012.

Montgomery holds a lot of drug offenders who don’t have histories of violence, according to Prison Professors, a consulting firm for—believe it or not—well-heeled types who must do time.

Crimes include mail fraud, wire fraud, tax fraud and securities fraud. Montgomery, also known as Maxwell, is located on a military base, and it’s larger than most federal prison camps.

“Maxwell [Montgomery] has a reputation for being a good place to serve a federal prison term,” Prison Professors, which is run by ex-cons, says.

U.S. District Judge Robert J. Conrad Jr. said Davis engaged in “very significant fraudulent conduct” for a long period of time, putting “victims in a position from which they can never recover.”

In addition to 90 months in prison at Montgomery Federal Prison Camp, Davis was sentenced to  two years of supervised release.

The investigation was handled by the US Secret Service and IRS Criminal Investigations Unit.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Jenny G. Sugar of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Charlotte and Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel Bradley of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Asheville prosecuted the case.

Davis also had a personal chef, according to the indictment. Now he’s got his just deserts, and maybe desserts as well. Oatmeal pies at the Montgomery commissary are $1.70. Donut Sticks are $1.90.

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• DCG Real Assets, LLC

• DCG Commercial Fund I, LLC

• H20, LLC



• Finely Limited, LLC

• DCG Funds Underwriting, LLC

• DCG ABF Management, LLC

• DCG Funds Management, LLC

• Davis Capital Group, Inc.

• Davis Financial, Inc.

• DCG Partners, LLC

• DCG Real Estate Development, LLC

• Huntersville Plaza Phase One, LLC

• Huntersville Plaza Phase Two, LLC

• North Lake Business Park, LLC

• Richard Davis Enterprises, LLC