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Cornelius braces for storm


Jan. 5. How do know it’s going to snow in Cornelius? HereThe Harris-Teeter parking lot is full, people are carrying newly purchased snow shovels and the bread is going fast. Yep, it’s beginning to look a lot like the 12th Day of Christmas.

The National Weather Service is calling for a little snow after 5 pm Friday, the 12th Day of Christmas, and 2-4 inches of snow after 9 pm. The “chance” of snow looks pretty solid: 70 percent.

The new governor has already sent a word of caution: “Now is the time to update your emergency supply kits if you have not recently done so,” Gov. Roy Cooper advised.

Meanwhile, while the rest of us are buying bread, the Town of Cornelius staff is gearing up for real.

Brining the roads begins tomorrow morning. “We will focus on the main roads and areas we know are bad for freezing then go more into neighborhoods and secondary roads. The brine truck will run pretty much all day tomorrow, so we should be able to get through a good portion of town,” said Tyler Beardsley, assistant to the town manager.

Salt brine laid down before a winter storm event reduces ice sticking to the roads. Brine is applied to bridges, and problem road areas such as those with hills.

Due to the sheer number of residential streets and a limited number of plows, not every street will be treated.

Beardsley said there are four snow plows ready to go as soon we start getting some accumulation. The town also has a salt spreader that will be used as needed once snow accumulates.

“We have prepared chain saws in case any trees fall and we have ice melt to treat the Police Station and Fire Stations,” Beardsley said.

Be prepared for plenty of cold weather. The National Weather Service forecasts a low of 17 degrees on Saturday night and 12 degrees Sunday night. Monday night it gets warm: 20 degrees. (The highs Saturday, Sunday and Monday are 32, 33 and 32, respectively.)

PHOTO: Carol Stevens, who is from Long Island, bought a snow shovel at the Harris-Teeter on Old Jetton Road