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‘Core charities’ get cash awards from Peninsula Community Foundation

Debbie O’Handley and Pearline Smith of Hope House, and Garry Zage, George Searle and Brianna Sensale of the Peninsula Community Foundation

June 5. Each year, The Peninsula Community Foundation Board awards grants to a few nonprofits that are critical to community well-being, including Ada Jenkins, Bags of Hope, Caterpillar Ministries, Cook Community Clinic and Hope House.

This year the amount awarded totaled $85,000.

All of these charities supply basic necessities to a large number of local people in need as well as helping them to connect to other agencies with resources that can help them.

Eliminating the multi-page grant proposal required of other nonprofits applying for funds gives these charities more time to devote to their important work.

Other local nonprofits can apply directly to the PCF online, and their grant proposals are reviewed twice a year. To find out more about how the PCF supports local charities or to donate to the PCF, go to www.yourpcf.org.


2 Responses to “‘Core charities’ get cash awards from Peninsula Community Foundation”

  1. Wonderful!!!! The PCF is doing great work in the community along with all the charities they support!!

    Posted by Robin | June 5, 2024, 12:16 pm
  2. Thank you PCF for the generous donation to Cornelius Early Scholars! This is a wonderful charity providing early childhood education in a safe and loving environment to preschoolers in our community who cannot afford private preschool tuition. We so very much appreciate your support!!

    Posted by Tricia | June 5, 2024, 12:41 pm

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