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Cool Fish will be featured on America’s Best Restaurants

Photo: Cool Fish on Facebook

May 1. Cool Fish will be hosting a visit from America’s Best Restaurants (ABR) May 15. The restaurant, located in Antiquity, is owned by Alex Atkins and Mona Chen and going on four years old.

The Cool Fish menu offers casual dishes such as cold and hot bowls and sushi. There are craft cocktails and DJs play nightly, including Atkins himself.

“We wanted to make sushi accessible,” says Atkins, adding that he also wanted a varied menu to appeal to a lot of people, including those who don’t like sushi.

Restaurants pay a fee to participate; Cool Fish is already on the ABR website: https://americasbestrestaurants.com/rests/north-carolina/cool-fish

The national media and marketing company focusing on locally owned restaurants will announce on their Facebook page when the Cool Fish episode will air.

“One thing that’s working for us is that sushi’s sexy, man,” Atkins says. ‘If you make it right it’s got all these cool colors.”

Photo: Cool Fish on Facebook