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Construction ahead, for the next 8 weeks or so

Construction ahead on Jetton Road for at least the next 8 weeks or so

Traffic was backing up on the four-lane, 2-mile stretch of Jetton Road that is being rebuilt by Blythe Brothers Asphalt Co. of Charlotte. Town officials say the messy fix will be worth the trouble residents will face during the $1.5 million project.

Although a bike study is under way, there are no plans to accommodate cyclists when construction is completed in mid-June. Cyclists using the popular route were seen competing with cars in traffic. Signs still indicate a 45 mph speed limit.
All traffic right now has been moved to the two outbound lanes, so that there is one lane into the Jetton Road peninsula and one road out to West Catawba. The road will be scraped down about 15 inches and rebuilt.