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Concealed carry OK at Town Hall

Oct. 8. By Dave Vieser. In one of the more complicated issues considered in recent years by the Cornelius Town Board, a series of regulations pertaining to concealed carry weapons were approved in split decisions by the commissioners at their Oct. 5 meeting.

Concealed carry will be allowed at Town Hall, as well as fire stations and parks. Firearms are prohibited at the Cornelius Arts Center as well as the police station, animal shelter and a public works facility.

After extensive discussions among the board, staff and the public, the Town Manager decided to break down the issue into three separate votes:

—For the ability to carry concealed weapons in Town Hall, the measure was approved 4-1 with Commissioner Thurman Ross opposing. This will remain in effect until such time as the Board changes its policy. The original version left it in the town manager’s hands.

—A motion prohibiting concealed carry weapons by employees passed 3-2 with commissioners Ross and Tricia Sisson opposing. Ross felt if public were allowed to carry concealed weapons, then the employees should be allowed also.

—Finally, a regulation prohibiting concealed carry weapons at the existing art center passed 3-2, with Ross and Sisson opposed.

The issue came up in June as the commissioners were looking to clarify existing codes and ordinances. At that time, Commissioner Jim Duke expressed concerns about allowing weapons in certain town properties while Commissioners Mike Miltich and Tricia Sisson supported doing so.

Following the vote, Duke said that the matter generated a civilized discussion with varying ideas and opinions among board members.