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Community members invited to Jack Burney Award ceremony

Nov. 10. The Town of Davidson invites community members to the G. Jackson Burney Community Service Award ceremony and reception on Wednesday, Nov. 23 at Davidson Town Hall.

Karen Toney

Georgia Krueger

The North Mecklenburg Moravian Band will play at 9:30 am, and Mayor Rusty Knox will open the ceremony at 10 am.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the community’s inability to gather in person, the nominating committee decided to recognize two deserving individuals this year.

The 2021 Burney Award will be given retroactively to Georgia Krueger, Davidson resident and retired executive director of the Ada Jenkins Center, and the 2022 Burney Award will be given to Davidson resident and Ben & Jerry’s manager, Karen Toney.

The award is named for G. Jackson Burney who served the town in many capacities, primarily in planning and communications. Since 2004, Davidson has honored Burney and those whose unselfish service benefits the community.Previous award winners are Bernice Houston, William B. Mayhew, Baxter and John Fisher, Evelyn Carr, Annie Mildred Lowery, Scotty Nichols, John and Paula Kelton, Jane B. Ellithorpe, Ralph Quackenbush, Leland Park, Jean Jackson, Sterling Martin, Pam Maier, Connie and Eddie Beach, Leamon Brice, Garfield Carr, Bill Giduz, Tony Abbott, Missy and John Kuykendall, and Karen Houston.