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Comments on the Town budget? Here’s how to make them

June 15. REMINDER. Have any comments about the 2021 proposed Town budget? Here’s your chance to speak out, as a public hearing will be held tonight at Town Hall beginning at 7 pm. The meeting will be in-person at Town Hall coupled  with a Livestream option. However, physical distancing will be implemented on the dais, and there will be no audience permitted in the chamber.

The $24.3 million spending plan would keep the lid on the tax rate, while providing funds to begin the transition of the town fire department to a paid operation.

Those wishing to speak will be asked to report outside of town hall Monday evening, and will be granted admission after health checks. Comments will be limited to three minutes and then speakers will be escorted out of the building. As an alternative, residents can submit their comments via e-mail by going to the town web site at TownofCornelius@Cornelius.org.

Personnel expenditures are planned to increase by a net of 7.61% to fund ½ year of 6 full time firefighters, ½ year remaining funding of the HR Director, as well as, fund an average 3% merit pool for employees. Full-time headcount will increase by 6 positions with the addition of the Town’s first full-time firefighters.

COVID-19 precautions include:

—One speaker at a time will be invited into the chamber;

—All are encouraged to practice the 3 W’s upon entering Town Hall: Wear a mask; Wash your hands; Wait 6 feet apart.

Additional precautions may be taken upon entry, including a health screening questionnaire and touchless temperature check.

The budget can be viewed 24/7 here. Connect to the link Town of Cornelius: 2020-2021 Proposed Budget.

The board expects to adopt the spending plan at a special June 18 meeting. By law it must be adopted by June 30.

Meanwhile, various town offices are beginning to reopen as the town starts a phased reopening during June, after being closed for nearly three months due to the coronavirus.