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Coastal modern is simple and relaxing all year long

Coastal modern is simple and relaxing all year long

Beachy whites with a teal accent in a living room

With the lake nearby no matter where you are in Cornelius, coastal modern style presents a timeless look. Defined by natural materials, a cool palette and clean lines, going coastal is bright and airy, sophisticated and casual.

Throw out any notions of fish nets, starfish and weathered seafaring types in yellow rain-slickers. The feel is almost like an art gallery, but one where contemplation and relaxed conversation come first, says Michelle Lane, owner of Whirlygig Designs in Huntersville.

Lane, who has decorated waterfront homes in Cornelius, on the West Coast and in Florida, uses words like “urban lounge” and “a little bit more of a sexy vibe” to describe coastal contemporary, which is clearly a departure from traditional interiors.

Neutral backdrops, cloud white on champagne or Sherwin Williams’ “Amazing Gray,” possibly an element of rough-hewn wood, smooth steel and good-size art are some of the basics. Eliminate clutter, and “edit” what you do, Lane says. Light is important, no heavy drapes.

Think driftwood colors, not driftwood.

Lane, who began decorating in 2006 in Portland, Ore., likes driftwood gray flooring, although a walnut color wood floor—not leaning to the red spectrum or the yellow—works just as well.

She likes to add “dreamy colors” like super-light aquamarine to create “coastal elegance” that works on the water or off. No skirted bases on upholstered furniture, mid-century modern pieces work well.