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CMS District 1 board member may run for re-election in 2021 after all

Feb. 15. By Dave Vieser. Rhonda Cheek, the District One Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools representative, may run for re-election after all. Cheek, of Davidson, has told fellow board members she did not plan to run again for the School Board this fall, but when contacted over the weekend on a separate issue, she said those plans may change.

Rhonda Cheek and Jennifer De Le Jara discuss CMS at a newsmakers breakfast

“I will not rule out a run for another term, as I am still so deeply engaged in the work of the board,” said Cheek. “Many important issues for this area were put on hold due to COVID and I would like to see them completed.”

Separately, at-large CMS board member Jennifer De La Jara has moved with her family from a condominium in Davidson to a larger house in Charlotte.

Census impact?

As to when that election may be, that’s another issue. The receipt of data from the 2020 Census has been delayed, and it’s possible that the school board election originally scheduled for November 2021 will have to be delayed.

The census data delay is already causing some concern among school officials and a redistributing committee has been formed that is looking into any issues that delay might cause.

Fall 2021 contests in the state subject to possible delay would only be those where candidates are elected for specific geographic districts rather than at-large posts.