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CMS approves emergency leave plan for non-exempt employees

March 31. The CMS Board of Education adopted an emergency leave plan which will provide up to 80 hours of salaried leave for non-exempt employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

The intention is to provide some salary for CMS workers whose usual work activities have been disrupted while schools are closed. The leave would be awarded to both full and part-time hourly workers, including long-term substitute teachers, but not teachers,

Daily substitutes, other temporary workers, and exempt employees would not be eligible.

The emergency leave will be prorated based on the employee’s standard work hours and schedule.

However, before the emergency leave is provided, CMS must first deploy the employees to open facilities or modify their work duties to the extent needed to support other CMS needs.

If these moves are not feasible, the board then suggests that the affected employees be able to work remotely where applicable. Remote work includes any virtual professional development activities available and accessible to employees.

The emergency leave plan is valid only during times designated by the Superintendent that are related to COVID-19 and expires at the end of the emergency designation but no later than Dec. 31, 2020.