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Clean-up after brisk storm Thursday night

Tree partially blocking Southport

[Updated] Sept. 8. By Dave Vieser. A powerful thunderstorm ripped through town around 7 pm Thursday, downing treeĀ  limbs and causing havoc with town roads. The storm, which swept into the Lake Norman area from the southwest, was never properly forecast by area weather experts, and no severe notifications were broadcast. The storm seemed to focus on the Jetton Road area as well as Nantz Road.

Thursday was warm and humid, which served to generate more energy as the cold front moved into the region.

Update: The traffic lights at West Catawba and Jetton were out at 7:30 am, crews are up and down Jetton picking up branches.

Debris widespread on Serenity Point


On Peninsula Club


One Response to “Clean-up after brisk storm Thursday night”

  1. That was a doozie! We live on Vineyard Point Lane, near Jetton Road, and after making sure that our deck items were secure, we watched in amazement at what Mother Nature can do!

    Posted by Gail Williams | September 8, 2023, 11:44 am

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