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Christy Clark files to run for H’ville mayor, it’s now a 3-way race; 17 running for Town Board

July 21. Former NC Rep. Christy Clark has filed to run for mayor of Huntersville, scrapping plans to go after her former District 98 seat next year, currently held by Cornelius resident John Bradford.

Christy Clark

“It is important for an experienced candidate to take on the race for mayor of Huntersville,” she said. “In the long run, this campaign will be better for Democrats and Huntersville.”

She will be endorsing a candidate for House District 98 “when one comes forward who will do justice to the campaign and the district.”

Meanwhile, there are 17 candidates for the six-member Town Board.

Here’s a roadmap

—Huntersville Commissioners Dan Boone and Derek Partee have also filed to run for mayor of Huntersville.

—Mayor Melissa Bales, the incumbent, has announced plans to run for NC District 98

—NC Rep. John Bradford has announced plans to run for NC Treasurer next year

—Incumbent NC Treasurer Dale Folwell has announced plans to run for governor of North Carolina.

—It appears that incumbent Commissioners Lance Munger and Stacy Phillips will not seek re-election.

Amazingly, there as of 11:55 am today there are17 candidates for six seats on the Town Board:

Board of Commissioners, Town of Huntersville


Non-Partisan Candidates in This Race

Alisia Bergsman

Phone: (704) 975-8606

Email: electalisia@gmail.com

Web Site: www.electalisia.com

Filed On: 07/10/2023

Mike DeVoney

Filed On: 07/21/2023

Amanda Dumas

Phone: (980) 689-0003

Email: electamandadumas@gmail.com

Web Site: www.electamandadumas.com

Filed On: 07/14/2023

Frank Gammon

8912 Deerland Ct
Huntersville, NC 28078
Phone: (704) 408-6502

Email: electfrankgammon@gmail.com

Filed On: 07/14/2023

Michael Gandino

15319 Marshfield Ct
Huntersville, NC 28078
Phone: (516) 996-7642

Email: michael.gandino@gmail.com

Filed On: 07/19/2023

Jennifer Hunt

Office Phone: (704) 594-1077

Email: jennifer@huntforhuntersville.com

Web Site: www.huntforhuntersville.com

Filed On: 07/20/2023

Matt Jones

6426 Colonial Garden Dr
Huntersville, NC 28078
Office Phone: (980) 285-8310

Email: electmattjones2023@gmail.com

Web Site: www.electmattjones.com

Filed On: 07/14/2023

Rob Kidwell

7219 Handon Ln
Huntersville, NC 28078
Phone: (704) 941-8250

Email: voterobkidwell@gmail.com

Web Site: www.voterobkidwell.com

Filed On: 07/19/2023

Amber Kovacs

207 Greenway St
Huntersville, NC 28078
Office Phone: (704) 877-4871

Email: electamberkovacs@gmail.com

Web Site: www.electamberkovacs.com

Filed On: 07/19/2023

Justin William Moore

9118 Park Grove St
Huntersville, NC 28078
Phone: (704) 942-6846

Email: asugop@hotmail.com

Filed On: 07/07/2023

John O’Neill

507 Huntersville-Concord Rd
Huntersville, NC 28078
Phone: (704) 796-7588

Email: oneill4huntersville@gmail.com

Web Site: www.oneill4huntersville.com

Filed On: 07/14/2023

Edwin Quarles

Phone: (704) 280-4835

Email: qponscoupons@gmail.com

Filed On: 07/10/2023

LaToya C. Rivers

Email: mslrivers@yahoo.com

Filed On: 07/21/2023

Eric Rowell

Phone: (704) 659-5320

Email: eric@electericrowell.com

Web Site: www.electericrowell.com

Filed On: 07/14/2023

Anna Rubin

Email: huntersvillefirst@gmail.com

Filed On: 07/21/2023

Nick Walsh

Phone: (704) 577-0379

Email: nick@votenickwalsh.com

Web Site: www.votenickwalsh.com

Filed On: 07/18/2023

Jamie L. Wideman

17008 Knoxwood Dr
Huntersville, NC 28078
Office Phone: (980) 721-9981

Email: electjamiewideman@gmail.com

Filed On: 07/21/2023