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Changes coming this spring at the DDI 

March 12. By Dave Vieser. While there’s no news on fixing the sails and masts on the Exit 28 bridge, the  middle eastbound lane will be re-designated as both a second left turning lane onto the interstate as well as for straight-ahead traffic going from West Catawba to Catawba Avenue.

Since the DDI opened we have noticed that traffic turning left to get onto I-77 backs up some distance down West Catawba Avenue,” said DOT spokeswoman Jordan Ashley Baker. “The way things are now, there is only one lane for these motorists going through the Torrence Chapel/Liverpool and I-77 southbound signals. We are hoping that by providing two lanes, these delays will be reduced.”

To make room for northbound turning cars, 8 to 10 feet of the DDI’s northeast pedestrian refuge island where pedestrians and cyclist wait, will have to be cut back. Town and state officials emphasized that this part of the island is never used by pedestrians.

Most of the lane adjustment work will simply involve changing the signage to indicate that the middle lane will handle both straight and left turning traffic. The work, which should only take a few weeks at most, will be performed by DOT assigned contractors. DOT officials were unable to provide a cost estimate.

Assistant Town Manager Andrew Grant said the “purpose is to alleviate some of the eastbound backup issues occurring back to the Torrence Chapel Road intersection.”

There’s no word on a start date.

Mayor Chuck Travis last summer said he had four “top goals” for his second term as mayor; one of them involves the the bridge.

  1. Fix/complete the bridge aesthetics to create a true gateway.
  2. Successfully plan a new Arts Center for the historic part of our Town and prepare for the next Bond release, in the 2019 timeframe.
  3. Invest in the renovation of Main Street to encourage economic development along the corridor that connects Cornelius to Davidson and Huntersville.
  4. Public access to the lake for all residents.