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Cell phone executive says proposed tower is too tall

Cell tower simulation: PeakNet MonoPole off Jetton

Dec. 21. By Dave Vieser. The CEO of a company which builds and locates cell phone towers says PeakNet’s proposed 199-foot cell tower adjacent to the Jetton Cove neighborhood is too tall.

Alex Blasscyk, CEO of Main Street Telecom based in Sarasota Fla., read about the controversy online in Cornelius Today and contacted us over the weekend.

Is taller always better?

“The only reason a tower company or carrier wants a higher tower like 199 feet is because they can obtain additional rent from other carriers and recoup all costs,” Blasscyk said in an e-mail.

“Lower is better because of capacity issues, meaning you want to be lower to provide optimal coverage.” he said, explaining that carriers today are locating and building their cell phone towers on other structures or 3-5 story rooftops.

Blasscyk, CEO of Main Street Telecom, said 160 feet is plenty big.

The request from Florida based PeakNet for permission to build the 199 foot tower in Cornelius has generated significant opposition among local residents. In November, the Planning Board recommended approval by a margin of 4-3, placing the matter in the hands of the Town Board.

‘Just wrong’


“Placing a 199 cell tower next to any upscale neighborhood is just wrong,” said Commissioner Jim Duke.

“To do it for additional profit as cited by the Florida CEO is disgusting,” Duke said. “It’s like putting a tattoo parlor next to a church. It just doesn’t fit in the Peninsula and it is my hope that my fellow commissioners will join with Commissioner Denis Bilodeau and myself and just say no.”

Efforts to reach Peak Net for a response were unsuccessful.

Commissioner Bilodeau said the town should hire a cell phone consultant so commissioners can gain a greater understanding of the issues involved before making a decision.

The town board meets tonight at 6 pm. To watch the meeting online, go to www.cornelius.org. Click on Watch Meetings Online, at the bottom of the left-hand column