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Celebrating Dad

Fathers are not always acknowledged for the impact they have on their children’s lives. However, several Cornelius residents shared their favorite childhood memories of their dads.  It’s quite common to hear fathers joke about the gifts of socks and neck ties that they receive every year. But most dads would probably agree that creating memories are far more valuable than material items.   

—Tonya Rivens

Big Woody

My memories of “Big Woody,” who was a large man with a gentle spirit.  He spent most of his career at Duke Power surveying and buying land for our beautiful Lake Norman to eventually cover.  He was a leader in his church, his community and was an original organizer of the Cornelius Volunteer Fire Dept.  A WWII veteran, he later became Commander of American Legion Post 86. He was my role model, mentor and friend.  He’s been gone 30 years, but his kind and giving spirit lives on.

—Woody Washam

Manuel ‘Manny’ Rosado Sr.

My father taught me the importance of visiting family. A yearly father and son trip that has left me with  memories I cherish. My Dad is gone but his essence lives in me, let your actions of love be your legacy left in memories.

—Manuel ‘Manny’ Rosado Jr.

Deandrew Cornelius

My favorite childhood memory was spending time with my dad.  I enjoyed talking to my father and helping him in our garden.

—James “JD” Cornelius

William E. Russell Sr.

My father and I loved spending time outdoors together, whether it was working side-by-side in the garden or tending to chores on the family farm. But nothing gave Dad more pleasure than a ride on one of his horses. He and I often went for a ride together on some of the equestrian trails in North and South Carolina.

—William E. Russell Jr.

Zemrie Graham

My favorite childhood memory of my father was when he would allow me and my brother, Stephen, to use the tiller in the garden. Afterwards, my father would take us fishing on Lake Norman.

—Kevin Graham

Samuel Stern

What we didn’t have in material things we had an abundance with love, laughter and a very close family.  My dad was strict, yet I remember him helping us with bicycles, chores, stock car racing (my big brother drove), his silly times, birthdays and our vacations, fishing, boating and campfires. My favorite memory of Dad is at the speedway where my brother Sam Stern Jr won many, many stock car races.  Could be the reason I am such a huge race fan today!!!

—Sylvia Spury

Ozon Brice

My fondest memory is on Sunday mornings, Dad would prepare breakfast and sing loudly along with the music on the radio. He also operated the community center on Friday and Saturday nights with a full crowd (no violence).

—Erma Black

Tonya is a multi-skilled journalist and is currently heard on Praise 100.9 FM, blogs at tonyarivens.com