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Miltich responds to criticism

July 16. By Dave Yochum. UPDATED 7:30 pm. A female former employee of Cornelius Mayor Pro Tem Michael Miltich says the surgeon was a great  boss. “He never did anything inappropriate or made me feel uncomfortable in any way. I worked alongside of him when it was just he and I. He had ample opportunity […]


Town budget showdown Monday: How will commissioners spend tax dollars?

May 16. By Dave Vieser. At first blush, it seems like a slam dunk. The proposed $23.4 million Cornelius town budget would freeze town taxes at one of the lowest rates—25.5 cents per $100 of assessed value—in the region. Freezing taxes is always popular. But there are serious concerns about spending priorities that are ready […]


Anthony Roberts will be new Huntersville town manager; Grant will replace him

May 3. Huntersville is recruiting its new town manager from Cornelius. Anthony Roberts, the veteran town manager of Cornelius, will take a new job heading up the administrative side of the town of roughly 55,000. The population of Cornelius is about 29,000. Both are growing fast and face similar issues around development, I-77 and the […]


Election Redux: 3 women who lost … won standing in community

By Dave Yochum. The three women who ran for Cornelius Town Board—and lost last fall—remain active in local issues, one sign they might be back again. Ava Callender remains active in community issues like affordable housing, community playgrounds and Alzheimer’s awareness; Michelle Ferlauto has been appointed to a county-wide board on women’s issues; and Tricia Sisson […]


Alphabet soup of agencies would review new I-77 plan

  Feb. 15. By Dave Yochum. ANALYSIS. The second meeting of the I-77 Advisory Group got under way yesterday with former Chamber Chair Mike Russell announcing that there were emergency exits on either side of a packed meeting room. “Just don’t take 77,” Chamber CEO Bill Russell interjected. It was a touch of dark humor […]

Will the next meeting be open to the public?

Jan. 30. By Dave Vieser. While there’s still no word on where or when the next meeting of the I-77 Advisory Group will be held, local leaders are saying it needs to be open to the public. The advisory committee, which represents what may well be the last chance to fix the toll lane project, met […]

​Regional clout: Newsmakers Breakfast ​Feb. 22 features all 3 N. Meck mayors

  The three mayors of North Mecklenburg will ​field questions from the audience at the Newsmakers Breakfast ​Feb. 22 at The Peninsula Club.​  ​The mayors—Woody Washam in Cornelius, Rusty Knox in Davidson and John Aneralla in Huntersville—show signs of cooperating on issues ranging from development to affordable housing, from I-77 to education. Their opinions, especially when they are in concert, […]


Top vote-getter expected to lose in November

By Dave Vieser. It turns out our new mayor pro tem—the highest vote-getter in the 11-way race for Cornelius Board of Commissioners—was “always concerned” that he would lose his re-election bid for one of five seats on the town board. Mike Miltich and his wife Ann may have worked the polls and neighborhoods the hardest […]


Discussing development…before the horse is out of the barn

  Dec. 19. Public hearings on new developments were front and center at the Town Board meeting last night, reflecting growing awareness of how fast growth is changing the look and feel of Cornelius, as well as how we get around. Additional public hearings on projects is a new thing in Cornelius town government. The […]


​Dr. Mike becomes Mayor Pro Tem Mike Monday

Dec. 15. ​First-term Commissioner Michael​ Miltich, the top vote-getter in the November general election, will be sworn in Monday night Dec. 18. He will also officially become mayor pro tem, serving in the mayor’s absence at Town Board meetings and public functions. ​Miltich and wife Ann were traveling Dec. 4 when the rest of the […]