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Important Dates

Calling all doggies (and their humans)

Will you drive us to the All American Dog Show?

The 19th Annual All American Dog Show will be held at Robbins Park from 3 pm to 6 pm today, with on-site registration beginning at 3 pm, and a K9 demonstration at 3:30 pm courtesy of the Cornelius Police Department. Here’s what the schedule looks like:

3 pm         On-site Registration Begins
3:30 pm   Cornelius Police Department K-9 Demonstration
3:45 pm   Shelter Strut Kick-Off Parade
4 pm         Contests Begin

There will be plenty of concessions and children’s activities on-site and parking is free. On-site registration is $10 per dog, but admission is free. Registration fee includes entry into two contests plus the All American Dog contest.

The event, a Cornelius PARC Department tradition, has a coveted Five Bark rating from the Cornelius League of Dogs.