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Businesses lining up to attend I-77 summit Thursday

Businesses lining up to attend I-77 summit Thursday

May 27. Concerned Lake Norman business owners are expected to converge on Michael Waltrip Raceworld in Cornelius Thursday for an “emergency call to action” in the wake of NCDOT’s rushed signing of a 50-year contract to build tolls on I-77.

I-77 Mobility Partners, a unit of Cintra, based in Spain, has been told “not to show,” after requesting to attend. Former Cornelius Mayor Gary Knox said he will attend, as well as Aquesta CEO Jim Engel and CEOs of significant companies from as far away as Statesville.

Larry Johns, CFO, Michael Waltrip Racing, and Richard Zulman, CEO of BestCo in Mooresville are sponsoring what’s also being called a transportation summit.

“With the current Cintra contract, North Carolina businesses have been delivered a non-workable transportation solution on I-77,” the event organizers said.

Former Mayor Knox said Iredell will be negatively impacted by the plan to add lanes paid for by tolls between Lake Norman and Charlotte.

An organizer of the summit tomorrow said: “Our way of life and jobs are at stake.
Race City [Mooresville] will become a has-been.”

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