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Brooke Lee: Get to know her before she’s famous

Brooke Lee recorded ‘Leaving Your for Me’ in Nashville this summer

By Dave Vieser.  Brooke Lee—who attended both Bailey Middle School and Hough High as Brooke LaRotonda—has been commuting weekly between Raleigh and Lake Norman, lending her musical talents to worship and praise, as well as show business.

Her dad, Don LaRotonda, couldn’t be any prouder.

“She has been spending time in Raleigh to sing to the youth worship and the young adult groups and on Sundays she goes to the main campus of “Church Alive” in Raleigh to sing for the adult services,” says Don.  “Then she comes home every Wednesday or Thursday for band practices and does her shows on the weekend—sings rock and roll on Fridays and Saturday and then Christian worship on Sundays. I don’t know how she does it!”

Lee is the lead singer of her local band based in the Lake Norman area called Brooke Lee and the 7 Days Band. They have already performed over 150 shows including several appearances at BoatYard Eats. She recently finished her first recording session in Nashville.

One thing that she clearly has is appreciation for those who have helped her along the way. “I know that Nashville is mainly focused on what I am doing and the band may or may not be along for my journey but they mean the world to me. We have been together for three years and have put in a lot of hard work together.  They deserve a lot of credit for where I am and I couldn’t have done it without them.” The band members are  Christopher Law,  Logan Foland, Raven Pfeiffer and Chris Lambert. Logan’s father does all the set-up along with Brooke’s father.

Brooke got started early. “I have always loved music and started singing when I was knee high at church in front of people for the first time. I have pictures and videos of me as early as 2 singing on a little keyboard and microphone that my parents bought me,” she says.

She gives great credit to the support she has received from her parents. “They were divorced when I was just shy of three years old, but they have always remained cordial and have brought me up in the most loving environment possible.  My mother works sometimes three jobs to make sure she can assist me in my schooling and expenses and my dad, who is a teacher, also has a full time second job as our band manager and never misses a show.”

As for her favorite song, it’s one she recorded in Nashville about six weeks ago called “Leaving You for Me.” It’s a song that inspires all women to be strong and not stay in a bad situation or unhealthy relationship.

“I want all females to know that they are special and deserve to be treated with love and respect. I have had so many women come up to me after a show or privately message me and share how this song and its words spoke to them directly and how it made a powerful impact on their life,” Brooke says.

The song debuted in August on several streaming platforms including Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify.

Brooke enjoys singing everything from Christian to rock and blues. “But my heart beats a little faster when I get to sing country. It is my favorite genre and it is the music that touches my soul,” she says.

She also has a heart for special needs children and has gone out to the crowd several times at shows to hold children with disabilities.  She recently returned from a mission trip in Guatemala where she spent 12 hours a day caring for people and their children.

So, whats ahead for Brooke Lee and company? “Thankfully my parents are allowing me to attend CPCC online so that I have the time and dedication I need to focus on my music.  I am going to school for nursing but without hesitation this is my back up plan and my goal is to one day sing and perform for a living.  They have advised me to continue with my education but to take my time and don’t let it overwhelm me while I am writing and working on my craft as a musician.”

Some of Lee’s favorite artists are Pink, Grace Potter, and Carrie Underwood. With her attitude, determination and talent, don’t be surprised to see her name up lights sometime soon.


• Sept 1 –Apps & Taps in Mooresville, opening for Darrell Harwood

• Sept 27 –BoatYard Eats in Cornelius

• Sept 28 –Amici’s, opening for Darrell Harwood in Concord

• Dec 27 –Stooges Pub & Grub in Albemarle      

• Dec 31 –Hickory Tavern Birkdale . New Year’s Eve in Huntersville

Follow Brooke Lee at www.facebook.com/lakenormanpartyband/