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‘Bomb’ suspect released

Bomb removal device approaches car

Aug. 22. John Patrick Rees, the 29-year-old who said he had bomb making materials in the car he parked in front of Cornelius Police headquarters on Friday Aug. 4, was released yesterday. Cornelius Police would not discuss the matter, but the investigation is continuing under the leadership of federal authorities.

The incident caused major traffic problems in and around downtown that afternoon, as well as fear among downtown merchants near the police station and Town Hall, both of which were evacuated. An investigation that day by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Bomb Squad indicated that there were some suspicious items and powders located in the Rees vehicle that, if combined, could have become potentially explosive.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg arrest records also show that Rees, a Cornelius resident, was arrested for being intoxicated and disruptive a year ago.