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BofA: When will the Cornelius branch reopen?

Jan. 7. The Bank of America branch on West Catawba remains closed, with no prior warning and not absolute official time for reopening.

BofA spokesman Mark Pipitone said the financial institution is “operating with an abundance of caution around keeping employees and clients as safe as possible during the pandemic, and on occasion, have temporarily closed locations.”

Cornelius is in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak: According to the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services, there were 19 new cases reported on Tuesday, 23 on Wednesday and 29 new cases today.

Reopening unclear

A Google search of “BofA near me” says the branch will reopen at 9 am Saturday. Yesterday the same search said 9 am Friday.

Pipitone did not address why advance notification wasn’t provided to their customers..

Although customers can find branches in Huntersville and Denver—there’s an ATM in Davidson—it’s an inconvenience.

Nancy Jackson had scheduled a Notary appointment for Tuesday Jan. 5 at the Cornelius branch. She was shocked when the bank canceled her appointment Monday afternoon. “I went on their website and was finally able to get an appointment for Friday January 8 in Denver almost 10 miles away.”

Jackson, a BofA depositor, ultimately went to Wells Fargo in Cornelius instead.