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Best cities for New’s Years, according to survey

Dec. 29.  Charlotte places 35th in the top 100 best cities for New Year’s, according to a Wallet Hub survey. 

New York City topped the list, and here’s how some southeast cities placed: Atlanta, fifth; Nashville, Tenn., 15th; Lousville, Kentucky, 16th; New Orleans 20th; Raleigh, 28th; and Durham, 32nd and Winston-Salem 75th..

By the numbers

Here’s WalletHub’s Top 9 New Year’s Eve Fun Facts for 2022:

80+ Million – Number of Americans who will travel for the New Year’s holiday this year, with nearly half of them driving to their destination.

70% – Share of Americans who spend at least $50 on New Year’s Eve food and drinks.

59% – Share of Americans who plan to celebrate New Year’s Eve with family or friends. Only 37% will attend parties or eat out.

$865 – Average cost for a couple to enjoy dinner and a show on New Year’s Eve in the three largest cities (New York, Los Angeles and Chicago).

360+ Million – Number of glasses of sparkling wine that are drunk each New Year’s Eve.

12% – Share of emergency room visits on New Year’s Eve are drug/alcohol related.

48,700 – Number of people who get hurt in car crashes each New Year’s Eve holiday.

0.095% – Average blood alcohol content on New Year’s Eve, making it the most drunken night of the year.

36 Days – Average period Americans keep their resolutions, with 16% of Americans admitting that they didn’t stick to any resolutions they made.

Ask the Experts

Robert M. O’Halloran, director, School of Hospitality Leadership – East Carolina University, says smaller destinations still are less expensive than major cities and markets across the country. Flights will be expensive, airports crowded and traffic will be intense.

Here’s what else he told WalletHub.

What factors should people consider when choosing whether and where to travel for New Year’s Eve?

So, the question is, are you traveling for a fun and relaxing time or to check off a box that you have visited a specific location? Your answer to this should help to direct you in your choices. Obviously, the cost will play a role in the decision process.

What are the biggest New Year’s Eve money-wasters?

Do your research and identify packages, including those near home that offer accommodation, meals and even a New Year’s Eve party with the package price. Buying a la carte can be more expensive.