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Bailey’s Glen will raise Ukrainian flag at 3 today

March 2. Bailey’s Glen will raise the Ukrainian flag at the front entrance to the community on Bailey Road at 3 pm today. The Hough High School band will play the US National Anthem and the Ukrainian National Anthem when raising the flag.

Vice President Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at 11:30 am today in Durham on the situation in Ukraine:

“As we all know, the eyes of the world are on the brave people of Ukraine. They are fighting. They are  fighting not just to defend their homes and their families but to defend their worth and their freedom, their sovereignty…we stand with the people of Ukraine and we stand with our partners and our allies on the side of knowing that we must always be vigilant in defending the ideals that we hold dear… With that, we all, I know, express our thoughts and prayers and well wishes to the people of Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian flag that will be raised was sewn by Bailey’s Glen resident Peggy Barton.