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Bailey’s Glen grants help defray Hough High teacher expenses

Joan Viteri: “All students have an opportunity to shine.”

By Dee Eicher. While public education funding has been an issue—including teachers having to dig into their own pockets for supplies—residents of Bailey’s Glen are doing something about it.

The Bailey’s Glen-Hough High Partnership has granted funds to Mrs. Joan Viteri, who oversees the Mastery Exchange Program at Hough High.

The after-school peer tutoring program helps students be successful academically by exchanging knowledge in the areas in which they are currently excelling.

The Bailey’s Glen-Hough High School Partnership has awarded grants totaling over $17,000 to Hough teachers since 2014.

The program was conceived to give English as a Second Language (ESL) students opportunities to be school leaders. Although open to all students, special invitations were sent to SL students.

As the advisor for the Hispanic Honor Society, Viteri encourages members to volunteer in the program and benefit from immersion in the Hispanic language and culture. Since its inception, the Mastery Exchange program has served over 100 students.

“The beauty of this program is that all students have an opportunity to shine, to make new friends and to help others. Some are good in math, some are good in science, and some are fluent in Spanish. No matter where students’ strengths lie, they want opportunities to help others and to excel academically,” she said.

Bailey’s Glen residents have helped give teachers access to software, field trips, master class instructors, professional development seminars, research materials and after-school snacks for kids without digging into their own pockets.

—Dee Eicher is a member of the Bailey’s Glen-Hough High School Partnership